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Lash extensions

I woke up like this

For that natural made-up look 24/7, look no further than eyelash extensions.  Our eyelash treatments are designed to give you the perfect flutter while maintaining healthy growth of your natural lashes.

Soft, fluffy, and super glossy, lash extensions are both natural-looking and easy to maintain. They are available in a variety of weights, lengths and shapes to help achieve the perfect look for your face.

Say goodbye to mascara smudges and say hello to brighter, more beautiful eyes that last for up to 6 weeks.

Classic lash treatments

Feather-light individual lashes applied along the lash line for natural-looking length and thickness.

Classic eyelash extensions | 2 hours | £50

Classic lash infill (every 2-3 weeks*) | 1 hour | £40

Sultry lash extensions (applied to the outer edge of lash line) | 1 hour | £35

Eyelash extension removal | 30 minutes | £20

Classic eyelash extension full removal and reapplication | 2 hours 30 minutes | £65

Volume lash treatments

Ultra-fine, fanlike lashes applied along the lash line for mega volume, length, and added va va voom.

Volume lashes | 2 hours | £60

Volume lash infill (2-3 weeks*) | 1 hour | £45

*Infills will be completed between 2-3 weeks of the initial treatment and only if you have at least 40% of the lashes remaining, otherwise a full set of lashes will be required.

Hybrid lash treatments

Hybrid lashes are somewhere in between the classic and the volume treatments, you want to make heads turn while they still wonder what it is about you? Then this is the set for you. A beautiful blend of individual and multiple eyelash extensions which are applied to the natural lashes to achieve a wispy red carpet worthy look.

Hybrid lashes | 2 hours | £55

Lash lift treatments

A lash lift treatment is perfect if you have always wanted lashes that give the extra wow factor. Whilst being incredibly relaxing, a lash lift treatment gives an enhanced curl to your natural lashes, without the need for lash extensions or having to layer on mascara.

Lash lift | 2 hours | £40

Pre & aftercare

Lash lift or perm

Following your lash lift or lash perm you can use eye make up but please do not apply mascara. After 24 hours, you are able to apply your mascara if you want to but as many of our clients find out you probably won’t need it!

There are no other aftercare instructions following this treatment technique. You are able to clean your face and use all beauty products 24 hours following the application.

Individual eyelash extensions

The first 24 hours are crucial to the longevity of your eyelash extensions, in between your initial application and infill application, to avoid breaking down the delicate adhesive bond of the eyelash extensions by following a few simple instructions:

  • Please have a bath/shower prior to your appointment, to ensure that your eyelash extensions do not get wet for the first 24 hours following application.
  • Eyelash extensions can be cleansed daily using suitable cleansers that are friendly to the adhesive used. Keeping lashes free from make up and oil can help to sustain your lash extensions between appointments. Please cleanse your lashes prior to appointment. This allows the most time in your appointment to be spend applying new lash extensions and not cleaning your lashes. Any build up of make up and oils can cause the extension not to stick properly onto the natural lash.
  • After 24 hours you can continue to cleanse your lashes. Any build up of make up and oils can could lead to and eye infection.
  • Following application we advise that you do not use steam from saunas, swimming, showers or jacuzzis for 24 hours.
  • Please do not use sunbeds.
  • Please avoid touching them excessively, we will provide an eyelash brush but do not brush your eyelashes within 24 of application.
  • If you use contact lenses, we ask for you to bring appropriate containers to store them and wear glasses following application, waiting a full 24 hours before reinserting you’re lenses.
  • It is not recommended to have any eyebrow treatments such as tinting or waxing 24 hours following your eyelash application.
  • Avoid using products which contain glycerine as it disrupts the adhesive bonds. Oil based products, suncreams, moisturisers, BB Cream and make up removers often contain such ingredients.

Important tips

  • Please ensure that if you require pre treatments for your natural lashes such as Eyelash Lift or Eyelash Tint this has been completed for at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Your eyelash extensions will not require the use of mechanical or heated curlers, please do not use following application.
  • Once applied and allowed to cure for 24 hours you can touch your lashes, but please be gentle with your eyelashes, to maintain them try to avoid rubbing or touching them.
  • Oil based products and those containing glycerine can affect the glue adhesive bonds, please be aware when using sun cream or moisturiser to your face.
  • When removing eye make up, choose oil-free make up remover on your eyelashes and eye area.
  • Do not use any oil-based (waterproof) mascara on your eyelash extensions. Please discuss with your technician for recommendations on suitable products as there are many lash extension friendly items available.
  • With volume lash extensions is it very important that you avoid applying mascara to the lashes.